Prairie Rose Possibilities Podcast

About the Art Institute

The Prairie Rose Institute of the Arts provides a deeper learning art experience through creativity, collaboration and community. Students and masters connect to provide enhanced artistic learning, accountability and lifetime learning opportunities. We work towards enhancing student’s strengths and potentials.

Art Focus and Programming Information

Drawing, Sculpting, Painting

Within these categories, students will develop tactile learning, visual learning, peer review, group discussions and critical feedback.


Tuesday's and Thursday's: 90 minutes each day.

The schedule will include: instruction, project time, mid-way critique, one-on-one meetings, peer feedback, collaborative conversations, guest artist, and final critique.

Registration and Fees

The Prairie Rose Art Institute is open to grades 7-12 who have a keen interest in Art.

COST: $500 dollars. This will cover basic materials; pencils, paint brushes, sketchbook, paints. Some materials may have to be provided by students.


Kameko Ballantyne - Boyd Craven -