What is the Senator Gershaw greenhouse agriculture project?

In 2017, the school was faced with an issue where water was pooling by the school and they needed to come up with a solution to drain it away from the building. A dry rock bed was designed which successfully drained the water into a cistern. Once the water issue was solved, the school needed something to do with the water that was collected. The school looked at the challenge as an opportunity and decided to build a greenhouse where the water could be reused. Four years later, the school has a fully functioning greenhouse where students, plant, tend and harvest fresh vegetables. The school has also expanded the project outdoors with the development of a garden.

Project Benefits

"It's been a really good project for for a lot of our students, even as far as the mental health of getting outside the classroom and being out in the sunshine, working with plants has been a really, really great thing. And so what excites me is where it can go. We started off with the greenhouse and that's been fantastic, so we're going to continue with gardens with the development of a large community garden outside and then begin a school-wide composting initiative. We've also been experimenting with microgreens. Through this project, our students get a really strong knowledge and deep understanding of the science behind the plant growth, the economics behind plant growth and farming and as well." ~ Scott Angle, Principal

Student Learning

🡆 Environmental factors effect on plant growth 🡆 Home grown vegetables used within the school. 🡆 Economics of sustainable agriculture 🡆 Science of plant growth 🡆 Compost - diversion of waste 🡆 Mental health of outdoor, being around plants - Nutrition 🡆 Understanding where your food comes from.

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